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Interesting Trainee IT Jobs

Securing an IT position with a good company is entirely possible without having work experience in the IT field. As a university graduate you will be qualified for hire as and IT trainee with many great companies.

In trainee jobs you will have a lower pay scale and will be on a probationary employee status. Once you have completed a specified number of months at the trainee level – the timeframe of which is established by each unique employer – you will become qualified for promotion to a more “permanent” employment status or transfer to a new role in the organization.

For those recent graduates who have completed a degree in IT with a specialized concentration, obtaining a job that focuses on that concentration will be a snap, provided you performed well while at university. Here are a few of the most interesting trainee IT jobs to be found on the job market.

Software Programmers
Software programmer trainees are involved in the creation of new applications for computer users. These can be corporate-driven applications that are based on specific business needs, or they can be software applications that are intended for consumer use. The trainee programmer will often be involved in the writing of code and the testing of applications, all under the direction of a senior software programmer with several years of work experience.

Software Engineers
Trainee IT jobs in software engineering are very similar to that of programmers. These individuals will be involved in the creation of new software for commercial or business use. What makes software engineer trainee job duties different is their direct involvement in the assessment of the physical and other environmental circumstances in which software created will eventually be put to use.

The software engineer is responsible for creating a highly technical program that will perform consistently well under the conditions in which it will be employed. Software engineers approach their construction of software using the same general principles as an engineer involved in any other venture.

Those working in trainee IT jobs in software engineering will usually be involved in the assessment of conditions, the coding of new software, the building of prototype programs, and the testing of completed work. They perform all job duties under the direct guidance of an experienced engineer and must have all work signed off on by that supervisor.

ERP System Designers
ERP designers are a branch of the software engineer field. These positions are involved in creating the programs that businesses use to track information, estimate pricing, manage production activities, and any other variety of everyday operations. Many such positions work with IT consulting groups that service a number of business clients. Trainee IT jobs in ERP system design firms usually include business travel and require strong communication skills for directly interacting with clients.